Women's Accessory 
Stop heels sinking into grass and to protect wooden floors 
Ideal For: 
Going to the Races 
A day out at Polo 
Protect Wooden Floors 
Flooring on Boats 
Protects wooden floors, no more scuffs. 
1 FREE pair every complete transaction. 
1 FREE pair every complete transaction 
Now you see them, Now you don't! 
1 FREE pair every complete transaction. 
Clean Heels on the set of Fantasy Island, 
1 FREE pair every complete transaction 
Dragon Dens investment - Sold millions
Dragon's Den successful investment has gone 
world wide with Deborah Meaden and Kelly Hoppen MBE 

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The high street sensation 

Clean Heels, Heel Stoppers are available in many leading department and high street stores as well as bridal shops throughout the UK. So whether you are browsing through BHS in Oxford Street or planning a wedding, you are bound to see the lastest "must have" accessory!! 

A worldwide hit 

We also have many global stockist from Canada to Estonia, Sweden to New Zealand, USA to Australia! 

Your store could be next! 

If you are interested in stocking Clean Heels in your store whether its on the high street or on-line then please contact us to discuss in further detail. 
Either drop us an email to sales@cleanheels.co.uk or call us on 01329 317390.